Buying a home, especially when it is your first time is scary. You are not sure who t contact or where to start. Initially when we reached out to John, it was as a friend helping a friend. We were unsure of some paperwork a previous realtor had us sign and did not feel as if we were being fully represented. After talking with John, and realizing we had no binding contract, we made the decision to move forward with using him. Not only did John fully explain the process, and the paperwork we were signing, but he really listened to what we were looking for. He did not waste our time with home’s that “could be” if you ________(enter amount of work there).  When we found the home we wanted John did not let the fact that he was acting as a dual agent sway how he handled the situation, he made sure he represented us as the buyers, and the seller as well. It’s been a little over 6 months, and we love our home, and know without a doubt, any future purchases will be through him.

Amberlei Odegard, Satisfied Homeowner